Toy Story Themed Plane

To Infinity And Beyond! Disney unveils Toy Story-themed plane

Flying with kids can be pretty freaking stressful. I’ve yet to do it with my daughter, but I’ve witnessed first hand the breakdown of parents struggling to keep their children entertained throughout the flight. Well, if there was ever a flight designed to appeal to children, it’s Disney’s new Toy Story-themed plan, designed in cooperation with China Eastern Airlines.

The brand new plane, which took flight from Shanghai last weekend, features in-flight entertainment and colorful décor that illustrations the new attractions now open at Shanghai Disney Resort.

The entire Toy Story flight experience expands beyond the plane, also. Travelers at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport will spot favorite Toy Story characters in the departure terminal before take-off and receive a commemorative boarding pass as part of the new flight experience.

Unfortunately for those of us stateside, it doesn’t look like we’ll get to experience this sweet flight. The Toy Story-themed plane will fly between Beijing and Shanghai, with service to and from other Chinese cities in the future.

On the bright side, we do get to experience the opening of Toy Story Land soon enough at Hollywood Studios. Disney revealed today some of the merchandise you’ll be able to buy exclusively in this new area.

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